3 ways – to reduce winter maintenance costs

Winter is a period of increased monthly expenses. In addition to standard costs, the household budget is charged with the cost of buying fuel or heating costs in blocks. During this time, we are more likely to take hot baths, increasing the cost of water consumption. We spend cold evenings in warm homes, which results in increased consumption of equipment and longer lighting of rooms. Check how you can reduce maintenance costs in a few simple steps.

Water consumption


Reducing water bills is the first suggestion for reducing monthly costs. To pay less you can limit the time you spend in the shower. Another way to reduce costs is to reduce the water flow and reduce the water temperature. By following these tips, you can save up to several hundred zlotys a year. Replacing the bath with a shower several times a week can also bring considerable savings. You can achieve savings on water by replacing appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher, with water-saving ones.



In winter, when the sun sets much earlier and we turn on the lights around 4:00 pm, it is worth considering replacing the bulbs with energy-saving ones. A one-time investment in replacing lighting will translate into later savings, especially in the winter period.



High heating costs can be caused by leaking windows. To reduce heating costs in winter, replace your old windows with new ones in the summer. If we do not have money to replace the eye, we can use a cheaper solution, which is sealing old windows. Heat will not escape if you use special tapes to seal the windows. You can also screw radiators while you are at work and unscrew them when you return. Make sure that no furniture covers the radiators, as this can reduce the heat delivered to the apartment.

Do you want to reduce your household maintenance costs?

Do you want to reduce your household maintenance costs?

Investment in equipment, items, thanks to which we will reduce bills, can once a little strain the household budget. However, it is worth investing some funds to later enjoy smaller bills. You can get funds for such an investment by taking out an installment loan. You will receive the money right away, and later installments, spread over several months, will not strain your home budget, as would be the case with a one-time expenditure of your own funds.

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